Friday 27 October 2017

Prepare for First half Autumn term assessment

  • Simplifying expressions with surds,
  • Simplifying expressions with indices
  • Rationalising the denominator of a fraction
  • Solving quadratics of the form ax^2 +bx + c including with a less than zero using all three methods
  • Using the discriminant to determine if a line given its equation is a tangent, chord or does not touch a quadratic curve given its equation
  • Determining the turning point of a quadratic function
  • Sketching the graph of a quadratic function
  • Finding the points of intersection of a line and a quadratic curve
  • Determining the equation of a line passing through two given points
  • Determining the equation of a line perpendicular to another line and the point of intersection
  • Solving geometry problems of lines and circle on a coordinate a pair of coordinate axes

Use the objectives sheet of 18 October,  item number 7 on that sheet and the Investigating Transformation of Functions link in the Graphs on Desmos section of the site. You need to determine the effects of the transformations;

  • af(x) stretching y axis
  • f(a) compressing x axis
  • f(x + h)
  • f(x) +k
  • -f(x)
  • f(-x)